Life-Study of Romans-Message 65-66

Life-Study of Romans-Message 65-66

Message Sixty-five

Transformation and Conformation by the Grafted Life (2)

1.​ According to Romans 6:5, explain the two steps of our growth in Christ?  Include how believing and being baptized cause us to grow.
2.​ What are the five steps of the divine life’s metabolic working within us to transform and conform us and how can we give the divine life a freeway to do so?

Message Sixty-six

God Condemning Sin in the Flesh

1.​ What is the difference in the condemnation in Romans 8:1 and that in chapters 2 and 3 and how are we delivered from each?
2.​ How did God deal with or condemn sin as a powerful, living person dwelling in our flesh? For what purpose?